Friday, October 22, 2004

Please Vote (For Comics, Of Course!)

Well, since no one has left a comment on this site yet (you can do so by clicking that little link at the bottom of a post that says "Please Comment"), I thought I'd put up something to vote on over the weekend. Maybe this will get some discussion started in the commments! Anyhow, below is a list of comic series that I have sitting around waiting to read. Let me know which you'd like for me to read next and then review. Now, here are your choices:

  • Phantom Jack (Image - 5 issues)
  • Marvel: The Lost Generation (Marvel - 12 issues)
  • Batman: Fortunate Son (DC - graphic novel)
  • Lobo: Unamerican Gladiators (DC - 4 issues)
  • The Establishment (DC/Wildstorm - 13 issues)
  • Will to Power (Dark Horse - 12 issues)
  • Toyboy (Continuity - 7 issue)
Now, vote away!

[Update: Looks like there were only two votes and both were for The Establishment so that looks like the next series to go under my microscope. I've got two other reviews to post on already read stuff and then it's on to The Establishment!]

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