Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Losers 16-19

Let's get this out of the way now, Andy Diggle writes action like you'd see in an intelligent Jerry Bruckheimer movie. Not that there is such a thing as an intelligent Bruckheimer movie, but I think it makes my point. Throughout his run writing The Losers, Diggle has given us action scene after action scene and managed to tie them all nicely together with a plot that wasn't too dumb to make any cogent sense or too complicated to turn away readers. Up until this arc, however, the motivation behind the Losers actions were only slightly touched upon. We know that they were presumed killed in action and that there is some type of shadow organization within the US government that they want to take down, but beyond that there isn't a whole lot we know about the Losers motivations.

This arc finally reveals the motivation driving the Losers. All four issues are a flashback of the mission where the Losers were "killed" as it is being told to Aisha. It's interesting to see Roque back in the mix as a good guy instead of the betrayer he turned out to be in the Goliath arc. What you don't get, however, is any Aisha time since she was not a member of the Losers back then. Since she's one of the more interesting characters, I was a little disappointed by that fact, but it doesn't really hurt the story at all.

The Losers were sent on a top secret mission to laser designate a target in the Middle East where a terrorist was supposedly in hiding. In the process of completing this mission, the Losers recieve intell from Max (for those of you who have been reading this series from the beginning, this is an important fact) on where their target will be. After they find their target, and as they prepare to call in an air strike on the location, a group of child slaves are seen to be in the compound's vacinity. Showing that they possess a conscience, the Losers take it upon themselves to save the children before they have the compound destroyed.

While they are doing that, you are treated to Diggle's pre-requisite action scenes which are drawn decently enough by Jock. His style, however, doesn't excactly fit very well with the coloring scheme of these issues. Other than the odd coloring, Jock turns in another good run of low detail, yet expressive and angular work.

Not wanting to give anything away, let's just say the crap hits the fan after the Losers manage to rescue the slave children and you see how it is possible that they would be thought to have died on that mission. After the story is finished, there is also a big reveal from Aisha that involves the flashback mission, which could lead to some interesting interplay with the rest of the team in the future.

As a jumping on point, this arc works perfectly as it clearly defines the Losers' origin. For readers that have been with it from the beginning, these issues are a well deserved payoff. You simply can't find a better straight up action title out there right now, so do yourself a favor and drop one of the X-titles you're getting each month and start picking up The Losers.

Art: 3
Story: 4.25
Overall: 4

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