Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tellos: The Last Heist

The 10 issue Tellos maxiseries was a very enjoyable all ages fantasy romp, so I figured I might as well give some of the one-shots that followed the series a chance. This is the first that I've gotten around to reading and it is planted firmly in the same vein as that of the original series.

This one-shot focuses on one of the lesser used characters from the actual series, Rik the fox. Rik was partners with his best friend, Jarek, but in the final battle of the mini Jarek was killed. The only way Rik seems to be able to deal with it is by taking on one last heist for Jarek (hence the name of the story). The story consists mostly of Rik's hijinx as he attempts to steal a magical artifact to give to Jarek's girlfriend.

Complicating things is another fox thief who impersonates Rik and causes him extra grief. This leads to some cute comic relief and gives the story a lighter feel, especially since the initial tone is somewhat somber.

This is cute, anthropomorphic, fantasy fun wrapped up in a consise, 50 page story so if you enjoy that type of thing (which I do), you can't really go wrong here. There's dragons, heists, fights, and plenty of uptempo events. Adults will enjoy the simplicity of the story while kids will be enthralled by all of the fantasy elements. Dezago sure hit the nail on the head with his Tellos stories!

Art: 3.5
Story: 4
Overall: 4

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