Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Daisy Kutter

I'd read all the praise for this series on the various comic review websites scattered around the vastness of the internet, but I'd never been able to get a hold of this series (or any of the Dead @ 17 stuff for that matter) since I don't have a comic shop in my local area. I get all of my new comics through online preorder so if I miss a series that ends up getting a lot of critical acclaim, I'm usually out of luck and have to either wait until the trade hits or hope that down the line I'll remember to order it if I put in a back issue order somewhere. Thanks to Greg, however, I wasn't left sitting on the outside looking in as he so graciously sent me copies of each of the issues of this 4 issue mini.

The premise of this mini is an interesting one. In a world where the wild west has crossed paths with robots, Daisy has been tapped to perform one last heist. This heist will consist of her outwitting a rich entrepenuer's newest security robots, which are supposedly unable to be defeated. Daisy doesn't initially want to take the job, but after losing everything in a poker game in the first issue, her hand is forced and she has to in order to keep afloat.

The entire first issue revolves around a poker game, which I thought was really neat. When I read in another review that this was the premise of the issue, I wondered how it would actually work in a comic book setting, but it was pulled off perfectly.

After the intial setup, the next two issues focus on the train heist while the last issue is the final showdown between Daisy and a huge ass robot killing machine. Whereas the first issue was all about focusing on the characters, the last three issues were focused on action and some damn good action at that. Much like Diggle and Jock on the Losers, Kazu Kabuishi creates some wonderful action scenes.

What really makes these scenes work is the great gray scale art. Outside of The Walking Dead, this is some of the best gray scale art I've seen. Kabuishi has a very traditional style which, oddly enough, worked perfectly for this fictional world of robots and cowboys.

All in all, my first experience with Viper Comics has been a great one. Grab this series if you can (or the tpb that's out now) as it's a highly enjoyable, highly energetic, really fun title.

Art: 4
Story: 4
Overall: 4

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