Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sigil 36 - 42

So the first CrossGen title I sat down to read comes to a close with these issues. Sadly, it ends just as it was at its best. These last seven issues are easily the best of the entire run. The differing characters were all embroiled in interesting subplots. The main plot, involving the coming of the Negation forces, was building up a strong head of steam. JeMerick is finally starting to have his true nature revealed and his purpose is coming to light. Then, just as I can't wait to read each subsequesent issue, it ends... leaving me with a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth.

The concept of the multi-title spanning Negation war was one that really intrigued me and these issues were working as a prime setup for that war. Sam was kidnapped by one of the Negation Lawbringers and later, after he escaped, is tricked into getting another Sigil-bearer pregnant as JeMerick knows that by doing that, they will have an advantage against the Negation. He doesn't reveal what this advantage would be or why they would need that child, but I certainly couldn't wait to find out.

The Negation forces were working their way into the outer rim of the human worlds, starting with Delassia. Sam, not wanting to see them killed, forces even the most stubborn from the planet. The political ramifications of having so many refugees residing on the already cramped asteroids that made up what was left of the planet Gaia would be interesting and were hinted at in the last couple of issues.

Loser, the Saurian leader, also becomes caught up in the conflict against the Negation. He, along with a human tracker, take on a group of Negation and are transported into another realm where the Saurians are being used as slaves. It looks as if they are going to do something about it... but we'll never know.

There was so much that was building in this series that I feel cheated for not getting to know how it ends. If you are going to read this series, I would suggest stopping at issue 35, the last issue before the arc involving the Negation begins. Having so much dangled in front of you and then never finished is too much of a tease for me. Damn you, CrossGen. Damn you and your terrible accounting problems!

Art: 3
Story: 3.5
Overall: 3

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