Thursday, October 21, 2004

Magneto Rex

Is it just a rule that when you write the X-men, you have to do it in such a heavy-handed way that it makes readers want to cry? In this little three issue mini, Joe Pruett managed to cram more text in than Claremont does in six issues. I know, that's quite a feat, but he pulls it off wonderfully, which means that in reading this mini I was horribly bored.

This is the story of how Magneto came to be the ruler of Genosha. Turns out it involved lots and lots of dialogue between Magneto, Rogue, Quicksilver, and a couple of Genoshans. I'm not just talking a little more than an average amount of dialogue, I'm talking every pane filled to the brim with dialogue balloons. There's also plenty of caption boxes restating what the art clearly shows and recapping what happened just a few pages previous. I don't know why the captions were so redundant, but they sure as heck drove me crazy.

So, what is the actual plot? Well, the UN turned over Genosha to Magneto, but there's som mutates there that don't want him to take over so they fight against him. Throw in lots of dialogue and a couple of fight scenes and that's basically it. There's some reactions show from news agencies around the world and the occasional page of government officials talking about the UN's move, but most of the story revolves around Magneto fighting off the mutates. Rogue's role in the whole thing is pretty extraneous and totally unnecessary. Quicksilver played a moderately large role, but it was all just set up for the position he takes up at the end of the story.

The art was pretty good. I've enjoyed what Brandon Peterson has done and this is a decent offering from him. I just wish that I got to see more of his art and less dialogue balloons. One drawback to his style, though, is that in this instance Magneto and Quicksilver looked almost identical when it was simply face shots. He needs to work on differentiating facial features.

Well, if you wondered how Magneto became the leader of Genosha, don't waste your time reading this, just know that the UN handed it over to him and he fought off some mutates to solidify his position as ruler. The end.

Art: 3
Story: 2
Overall: 2.25

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