Monday, October 18, 2004

Weapon X 23-28

These issues make up the end of 2002-2004's iteration of the Weapon X series. Oddly enough, over the last few years this has actually been my favorite of the myriad of X-Men comic book series that are out there (outside of Morrison's New X-Men run). For starters, this series has always been about the bad guys, many of them second tier villains that are not seen very often. Adding to that is the fact that this series was very intelligently written by Frank Tieri and actually payed attention to the continuity of the other X-titles out there (unlike just about every current X-title).

In this six issue run there are two distinct arcs, the first focusing on Wolverine, Fantomex, and Agent Zero. The second is about Sabertooth tracking down Sinister. In the first arc, Wolvie, Fatomex, and Agent Zero are all brought together for some unknown purpose. In coming together, a very important nugget of Wolverine's history is revealed. This information was hinted at in Morrison's New X-Men run, but never revealed. It is here in issue 24 that you find out, so for Wolverine fans, this is an essential issue to have.

The rest of this arc is good, but is left unresolved. No doubt Tieri was going to come back to visit this arc later on, but couldn't as Marvel axed the series. The Tom Mandrake art in this arc, as well as in the second arc, is good, but I really hate how the colors were put down right over his pencils. The lack of inking made it feel like an unfinished comic. Don't get me wrong, Mandrake is a superb penciler, but I would rather see his stuff inked before it is colored.

The second arc was just as enjoyable as the first, but also just as unfinished as the first. Sabertooth is hired by some shady big name company to track down Sinister. In doing so, he throws down on some of Sinister's henchmen and finally confronts the man himself. At this point the leader of the company that hired Sabertooth calls him off in order to talk to Sinister himself. The head of the company, in a surprise reveal, turns out to be another character from Morrison's run (but I'll let you read to find out who). Since the series is over now I can only hope this plotline is picked up and explored in one of the other X-titles as it has a lot of promise.

All in all this was a decent enough close to a wonderful series. Buy the entire series if you can. On their own, though, these issues are good, yet unfulfilling, reads.

Art: 3.5
Story: 3.25
Overall: 3.25

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