Friday, November 12, 2004

Dark Wolf

Ugghh... there's a reason why some comics never make it to the big publishers and are published by independents instead, and that's because they suck. This 4 issue mini is a perfect example of a horribly generic indie title.

So there's this priest who turns into a generic "dark wolf" superhero and fights a league of devil worshipers. The only way to kill the devil worshipers is to rip out their hearts, so that's what Dark Wolf does. These devil worshipers fight back by hiring some mercenaries that have superpowers (but you don't know exactly what they are or why they have them). Dark Wolf obviously kicks their collective asses.

In the middle of the story we find out Dark Wolf's origin. Apparently he's the reincarnated spirit of a werewolf from 1000 years ago that sacrificed his life for a girl he loved. The spirit has swore revenge on those who killed her, the satan worshipers.

Ok, in the end it turns out that the satan worshipers have superpowers too (well, they shoot "beams" out of their hands, and again it's not explained at all) so Dark Wolf has to fight them and then take on their leader. The climactic battle between Abraxis, the head devil worshiper and Dark Wolf takes all of two pages and is as anti-climactic as you can imagine. It ends with an explosion that kills everything in area... except Dark Wolf. Why? Who knows.

All in all, a terrible black and white indie title put out by Malibu from 1987. The art was passable, however, so it isn't completely a waste... I suppose.

Art: 3
Story: 1.5
Overall: 1.75

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