Monday, November 15, 2004

District X 1 - 6

Who would have thought that a series about a mutant cop in a town of mutants would be as interesting as this? I didn't. I figured that this would be yet another subpar title that Marvel simply churned out to get X-title completists to shell out more cash. Oddly enough, the first couple of issues really hooked me in that this story was just as much about mutants as it was about forming relationships and being on the beat as an everyday cop.

Bishop may be billed as the main character of this series, but the supporting cast plays just as important of a role. If it wasn't for the interaction between Bishop, Ortega, and Ortega's family, this would not be a title I would stick with. The conversations that you read between the different officers in the precint and between the criminals in the mutant gangs give this title a very grounded feel. As opposed to being all about superheroes slugging it out with each other like most Marvel titles are, this title focused on characters.

The story started off with a bang as you are introduced to the different mutant factions in Mutant Town as well as the different officers of the precinct. Part of the story revolves around Ortega's family, another deals with an internal police coverup, another deals with a mutant whose sweat is an addictive drug, and yet another deals with a mysterious mutant who pops up every now and again.

With all of this going on, the action built up quickly and frantically, but then it peters out in the end. Sadly, this arc ends on a whimper as the conclusion to all that was built up is taken care of in a very weak manner that feels like it was a cop out. Other than that, however, this was a very captivating series that shows a lot of promise.

Art: 3.5
Story: 3.75
Overall: 3.75

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