Thursday, March 24, 2005

Blood and Glory: Punisher & Captain America

Sometimes you have to wonder why some titles are released. I often find myself wondering why Marvel releases half of the crap they do every month, and after reading this "gem" I find that Marvel has been churing out useless crap for a long time now. Ok, so that's not really a revelation I just came to. I've known they've been putting out crap for a long time because I somehow end up finding a lot of it in my collection, but I always keep up my hope that someday they'll streamline what they release.

In Blood and Glory, Captain America must team up with the Punisher to bring down a corrupt branch of the government that is in league with a drug-dealing Central American dictator. Are you yawning yet? It also follows the magical team-up formula of "two heroes get manipulated into fighting each other, but in the course of their fighting realize they have a common foe which they then proceed to team up and beat the living hell out of."

Really, I shouldn't need to say much more about this title because that should be enough to make you run away from this 3 issue, prestige format miniseries. I have a few questions nagging at me, though. First and foremost, who in their right minds would spend $18 on this mini? I could maybe understand someone picking up the first issue for $6 to see if it is any good. That's a big risk on it's own. After seeing how terrible the first issue is, any discerning reader should ignore the last two issues. For some reason, though, people did buy the second issue, and the third. I know this because I own one set of all three issues, even though I now wish I didn't.

The other big question I have is, how was it possible to fit so many comic book cliches into one mini? You have the aforementioned cliche team-up formula. You have Captain America supposedly dying, but not really dying. You have a corrupt branch of the government bent on its own agenda. You have an evil dictator bent on world domination. You have the heroes having a heart to hear talk, learning "deep, dark secrets" about each other. You have the unspoken bond formed between the heroes.

Ugghh... I can't believe I actually went through and read the entire thing. The art, which is also atrocious, didn't make it any easier. The linework is really sloppy and feels like it was a bunch of random scrawlings someone did on a napkin while eating breakfast at IHOP. Seriously, stay away from this miniseries. Even if someone pays you to read it, reconsider.

Art: 1.5
Story: 1
Overall: 1

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