Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I pre-ordered this back when it was first solicited since the solicitation made it sound pretty interesting. I remember that when I got it in my monthly shipment that I intended to sit down and read it, but somehow it got stuck into a stack of back issues that got moved into my comics storage room. I recently found it as I was going through putting some comics away and sat down to give it a read.

Michael Oeming crafts an interesting tale of a man who is either going insane, is already horribly demented, or is a part of some alien conspiracy that is watching over us humans. The story is written in such a way that you never really know if the lead character is simply insane or really a part of some clandestine alien plot against the human race.

The reader is given little tidbits of information that maybe this whole story is nothing more than a madman's raving delusions, but towards the end everything is thrown into a blender and you might not be so sure that this is simply a man's insane dream. I can't say much more than this that will really describe the plot without giving too much away. Let's just say it's a nice, little mindtrip that'll make you think.

The art is passable. It's straight up black and white, heavy on the blacks, and low detail, but for this story the art isn't essential. It takes a supporting role to Oeming's crazy tale. Even though the art isn't super detailed or anything special, I really don't think that it matters. Hyper-detailed art or even colored art wouldn't have made much of a difference, in my opinion, since the main focus here is story. The pin-up gallery found after the end of the story has some great art, if you really feel like you need at least a few pretty pictures to go with your stories.

If you can still find this one-shot from Image anywhere, grab it. It's a really good read and any sci-fi fan will get a good deal of enjoyment out of it.

Art: 2.25
Story: 4
Overall: 4

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