Sunday, April 10, 2005


This 3 issue mini series was simply atrocious. Really, it doesn't deserve a full review because I would hope to God above that no one would actually go out of their way to buy and/or read this... ever. Just to give you a notion as to how bad it is, let's look at all of the negative attributes associated with this mini.
  • It was created by Rob Liefeld.
  • It was pencilled by one of Liefeld's underlings who aped his style as much as he could.
  • It was published by Liefeld's Maximum Press.
  • The first issue had a chromium cover.
  • There are variant covers for each issue.
  • The lead character is based on a model that Liefeld knew.
  • The story is about a fallen angel fighting a demon who wants to rule hell.
  • The dialogue is stiffer than a freshly cut 2x4.
  • One of the key plot points revolves around a parish keeping medieval armor and weapons in their basement.
  • The goal of the antagonist is to form a gigantic pentagram to open up an irreversible portal to hell.
  • The main character, a well endowed woman, doesn't wear much more than glorified underwear most of the story.
The list could go on, but this should be enough to keep you away. If not, email me. I have a ton of similar comics I've been trying to get rid of that you might enjoy.

Art: 1.5
Story: 1
Overall: 1

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