Friday, April 01, 2005

Magneto: Dark Seduction

I gave up on comics almost completely during the 90's and didn't return until after the turn of the millennium. Once I picked up X-Men again, so much had changed that I didn't know about. For a while Wolverine didn't have his adamantium skeleton. There was some big "Magneto War". Genosha was now a mutant safe-haven lorded over by Magneto. Really, I had missed out on a lot, but then again I also didn't have to sift through issue upon issue of crap either. As I've slowly been catching up on some of the events that went down in the 90's, I've come to realize that even the big events were written very, very craptastically.

Magneto: Dark Seduction tells the story of how Genosha came to be completely under Magneto's control. The UN had already ceded the island to him, but the insurgencies throughout the island had been making the process of unifying the country a tough matter. Magneto, in his weakened state, with the help of his cabinet and Polaris managed, against all odds, to secure the entire island under his rule... except for Carrion Cove, the last bastion of rebel activity, which also happened to be housing a great machine of spectacular power.

The setup sounds like it could have a good story come out of it, but in thinking that you couldn't be more wrong. There is simply too much that doesn't work in this mini to make it anything less than a mess. First, the art is utterly piss-poor. The linework is unbelievably simplistic. Roger Cruz utterly fails in his attempt at art. The ugly coloring scheme doesn't help out anything either.

Moving beyond the art, the story also suffers from being confusing trash. Fabian Nicieza is so hit and miss with me, usually more miss than hit, that I should have expected subpar work. The biggest problem is the unwieldingly large cast of characters. Magneto's cabinet is made up of people the reader should supposedly know, but I only knew a couple of them and that's just because the names sounded familiar. The air of conspiracy that Nicieza was trying to create came off as simply confusing most of the time as you had no idea who was actually double-crossing who and why they would even want to. Towards the end of the story, the plot degraded to nothing more than the Avengers taking on Magneto and Polaris, which wouldn't be that bad, except for the fact that I had already lost interest in whatever was happening.

If you really want to know how Magneto finally solidified his grip over Genosha, I'll save you the trouble of having to read this to find out. Magneto, along with Polaris's help beats up the Avengers so that he can get to an ancient machine that will restore his power. Upon the restoration of his power, the Avengers leave and Magneto starts his rule over the island. While this was going on there were a bunch of 3rd tier characters double-crossing each other and accomplishing nothing. Magneto is now back to his status quo and is the leader of an island that will be a home to mutants. The end.

Art: 1.25
Story: 1.5
Overall: 1.25

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