Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Firearm 7 - 11

In the heydays of the 90's every company seemed to be making a grab for the big time. In wanting to start their own universe to compete with Marvel, DC, Image, and Valiant, Malibu created the Ultraverse where all people with super powers were referred to as "ultras".

Oddly enough, with this series, the main character is not an ultra. No, instead this title is more of an action/adventure/secret agent style of comic. The lead character, Alec Swan, is a private eye that takes on whatever cases he can. In the process, however, he usually ends up throwing down with ultras.

In this span of five issues, we see mostly self-contained, one issue stories of Swan's different cases. One case he is tracking down a shapeshifter and wolfman. Another he is encountering a couple of bigfoot-ish creatures and a telepath. Yet another he's drugged and thrown into a virtual Glasgow to track down a rogue agent.

You may think that these stories sound ludicrous, but I found each one to be very, very enjoyable. The thing that does it is Swan's character and first person narration. I was drawn into his world and his way of thinking. With the near extinction of thought balloons in today's comics, it was very refreshing to see a story commented on by its main character.

The art in these issues is passable. There's nothing too spectacular (except the painted cover of #8), but the art isn't bad either. It's very serviceable for this style of storytelling. If you're a fan of The Losers or Mystique, I'm sure you'll love some of the stories that Firearm has to tell. I highly suggest checking this span of issues out.

Story: 4.25
Art: 3
Overall: 4

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