Monday, September 20, 2004

Since I felt it was needed

While cruising around the comic blogosphere, I often read tons and tons of people reviews and opinions on new releases. It seems like everyone has a say on each and every new issue that comes out. What I have yet to find is a blog that looks at back issue comics. Some people, such as myself, are interested in actually buying some of those comics you see sitting in those nice, long, white boxes that populate the back rooms of today's comic shops. They're not there just for the hell of it, no, they're there so that people like me can buy some series that we may have previously missed out on.

There's also the comic lover's dream--the bargain bins. They might be $.25 cent boxes, $.50 cent boxes, 3 for a buck, or something like that, but any way you look at it, there is sometimes some interesting stuff to be found in those boxes. Even for that little amount of money, how do you know what you're getting is actually worth a purchase? Other than reading the "It Came From the Quarter Bin" column on Newsarama, I can't seem to find any good reviews of comics that might have came out before the comics blogosphere caught on.

This is where this blog comes into play. I've bought tons and tons of quarter bin comics, and tons of back issues period (thanks to the devil that is known as ebay). A lot of them have not been worth the paper they are printed on, while others were unbelievably good. I want to point out some of the good and the bad of the back issues that I've read so I decided to start this blog. Hopefully there are a few other people just like me who will get some good use out of this site. I'll start tomorrow with a fun Ultraverse title--Firearm.

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